First playable demo available at Warhammer Fest 2019

This weekend, we will be taking Warhammer Underworlds: Online to Warhammer Fest 2019. This is a massive deal for our hardworking team as it’s the first time we’re showing the game to the public! ūüéČ Our very own Creative Director, Neil, and Tech Producer/Designer, Clinton, have travelled all the way from Melbourne, Australia, to Coventry, UK, to be at the booth and show you the game in person!

Important information to note about this demo! This build that we are showing is PRE-ALPHA. It features a custom-crafted, express version of Underworlds with limited features and rules. More features will be available later. These are the major rules changes you can expect for the demo:

  • Pre-chosen warbands and decks – Play either Magore’s Fiends or Steelheart’s Champions¬†with pre-constructed decks.
  • Express Setup – Board, Objective and Fighter placement are randomised.
  • Glorious Start – Both players start with 1 bonus Glory
  • Quick Battle – Game ends after two rounds (third end phase objectives will be scored at the end of the second round).

We know that these are deviations that majorly effect the strategy and choices behind a game of Underworlds, so please rest assured that all your favourite parts of the full game, including full board setup, full length games, warband selection and deckbuilding will be available at Early Access release.

Now, we know that only some of you will be able to attend this event in the UK, so we’re currently trying to line up a stream in the near future so everyone can see what the lucky Warhammer Fest attendees will be seeing this weekend.

If you haven’t already, join our official Discord to be the first to hear about any new developments for the game

And if you haven’t already, wishlist the game on Steam to make sure you get notified when we head into Early Access.

If you’re going to be at Warhammer Fest, let us know to look out for you!

Have a glorious day folks! :glory::glory::glory: