Universal Card Release 01 + Early Access Patch 005: Relics of Lucidity

Hello to the lost souls of Shadespire,

Our first Universal Card Update is here! You’ll be getting 20 new cards to add to your decks.

All you need to do is update and launch your game! There you will be presented with a Universal Card Pack, which when clicked, will gift you with the cards, straight into your deck builder. You’ll also be able to see the list of new cards on our Bulletin Board in the start menu screen.

Check out the list of cards:

Card Showcase


Though this card might seem high risk, Complete Victory is an easy reward for those who specialise their decks around defence and survival. Outwit and outlast your enemy opponent for 3 well earned Glory.


Has the enemy already claimed an Objective you need? Claim another objective and swap the two! Destroy your enemy’s strategy and claim your victory!


A devastating weapon to plow through your enemies, while also inflicting damage to your fighter. This weapon is a must have for any Ironskull’s Boyz deck.









Early Access Patch 005: Relics of Lucidity


  • Universal Card Release 01
  • Board Setup Timer
  • Clarity Update#1: Glossary, Card Glow

For more details of our latest patch, click here

We thank you all for your continued support and feedback. We cannot wait to show you what’s to come in the next few weeks.
Jump in and try out new decks and we’ll find you in the streets of the shattered city.

Steel Sky Productions