Thorns of the Briar Queen DLC

The Briar Queen's need for vengeance remains unsatisfied...

Hello lost souls,

Our first official warband DLC is now live! Thorns of The Briar Queen!

We’re excited to be bringing you magic and an exciting new playstyle, while bringing some Nightvault into Shadespire!
We’ve already spoken about Warhammer Underworlds: Online being an alternative release schedule to the tabletop as not is all as it seems in the mirrored city.

The Thorns of the Briar Queen are a large warband of 7 fighters. Their leader – the Briar Queen – is able to make use of all new spell cards, while controlling a horde of geists and spirits who are eternally bound to her will.

  • The Thorns of the Briar Queen inspire when they are adjacent to an enemy fighter at the start of your activation. Get in close to get stronger!
  • All units from this warband are able to pass through blocked and occupied hexes!
  • Varclav has the ability to push all friendly Chainrasps 2 hexes – perfect for overwhelming your opponent or supreme map control!

You can check out The Thorns of the Briar Queen here.

If you haven’t already joined our Discord, you can either find the link in game or follow this link.

If you haven’t jumped in yet or thinking about buying the game for a friend, then what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now!