Release Timeline

November 2019:

  • Our second closed beta!!! This will be the first time players can try out The Sepulchral Guard in game

December 2019:

  • We have a special announcement coming for the beginning of December (What could it be????)
  • A third closed beta

January 2020:

  • A fourth closed beta
  • Early Access Release

February 2020:

  • Free Universal Card Drop #1

March 2020:

  • Free Universal Card Drop #2


As you can see, we have amazing things in the works and we’re excited to have you all on this journey with us. There are no set dates announced yet, but as we get closer to each milestone, we’ll be sure to communicate them to you.

Otherwise, to learn more, come talk to us over on our Discord.

And if you haven’t already, wishlist the game on Steam to make sure you get notified when we head into Early Access.

You’ll be hearing from us again soon!

The Steel Sky Productions crew