Patch 029: Prestigious Revelations brings Leaderboards & New Rank Exalted!

The glimmering reflections throughout the city of Shadespire reveal your repute. Does the plinth you stand on tower over those you fight against?


Hitting the ladder button will bring up the all new leaderboard screen – compare your performance to other players across the world. Where do you sit against the highest ranking players?

+ Exalted leaderboard

+ Warband-specific leaderboard


Introducing Exalted

Once you’ve hit Rank 1, the fight to be the very best isn’t over. Beyond this top rank, you’ll be titled Exalted and Warhammer Underworlds: Online will show you a new number that represents your ranking in relation to other players that have also become Exalted. Using the new leaderboards, you’ll be able to find out if you really sit at the top.

+ New highest rank: Exalted


Queue Changes

On startup, you’ll notice a change to the way you play matches in Warhammer Underworlds: Online. We don’t want to split those looking for games into two separate queues, so to reduce wait times, Casual and Ranked queues have been merged into a single queue, now called Play Online. All matches will affect your rankings.

+ Merged Casual and Ranked queues into Play Online

For additional information about this current update (inlcuding card and bug fixes) be sure to check out our Patch notes over on Steam, or by clicking here.