Early Access Patch 002: Refining Shadeglass

User Interface
:wuo: Decision box: The small information box on the bottom of the in-game screen will now stay up at all times, but disappears on rollover

Art & Visual FX
+ Rank icons: Changed icon position on Victory and in-match screens
:wuo: Sepulchral Guard: All members of this warband now start with their default skin, and not the Legion of Night skin. To change skins, hit Customise Fighters
+ Deckbuilder: Fixed some masking issues in the Deckbuilder

Bug Fixes
+ Magical Orruks: Fixed a bug where an Orruk model would spawn off the board every time they dealt damage while the Kryptboyz skin was equipped
:wuo: Steelheart likes attention: Fixed a bug where selecting a warband in Bot Match would only let you play against Steelheart’s Champions
:wuo: Where’s the music? Default volume settings have been adjusted so that on first boot up you’ll hear the music we put a lot of effort into creating

Miscellaneous + Various text fixes (in all languages)

:wuo:Inspired or assisted by community feedback!
Note: You should see 0.5.28 in-game once you have the update.