Early Access Patch 001: Welcome to the Mirrored City

We’re so excited to announce that Warhammer Underworlds: Online has now released into Early Access. One of the best aspects of an Early Access period is getting to incorporate feedback from our players into our updates and plans. If you’re interested in providing feedback about the game, thank you! Please join our Discord to join in the fun! With your help, we’re going to make this the best game we can. Have fun, and we’ll see you in-game!

The Steel Sky Productions team

:wuo:Inspired or assisted by community feedback!

+ Universal Cards: We’ve dropped a number of new Universal cards for you to add to your decks
+ Ranked Play: Pit yourself against others in an eternal battle for glory and gain prestigious ranks while you’re at it
:wuo: Action Log: Never miss a beat in the heat of battle with a log of all recent events! Click on the Phase Wheel to bring it up
:wuo: Localisation: First-pass language support for Russian, French, Italian, German, and Spanish

Universal Cards
+ Objective Cards Added: Plant a Standard, Crushing Force, Swift Advance, Honest Opponent, Chosen Champion, Geared for War, Stymied, Tactical Supremacy 1–2, Multiple Fronts, Ready for a Challenge, Twilight Conqueror, Tactical Supremacy 3-4, No More Tricks, Massive Assault
+ Ploy Cards Added: Fuelled by Fury, Stumble, Dual Strike, Invisible Walls, Reflected Injury, Spectral Wings, Distraction, Mighty Swing, Fortify, Trust to luck, Second Wind, Shifting Sands, Cruel Taunt, Scavenge, Hidden Paths
+ Upgrade Cards Added: Heroslayer, Light-footed, Shadeglass Darts, Vampiric Weapon, Shadeglass Spear, Sprinter, Regeneration, The Blazing Key, The Dazzling Key, The Fractured Key, Cursed Artefact, Shadestep, Army of One

Art & Visual FX

+ Early Access Skins: Added the exclusive warband cosmetics for Early Access adopters
+ Magore’s Fiends: Updated run animations, New spawn animations, New idle animation for warband leader
+ Steelheart’s Champions: New idle animation for warband leader
+ Sepulchral Guard: Updated death animations, New idle animation for warband leader
+ Ironskull’s Boyz: Updated death animations, New idle animation for warband leader
+ Card Effects: Added new visual effects for various cards, such as Stormforged Resistance, Bloodslick Ground, Daemonic Resilience, Grasping Hands, Clawing Hands, Sidestep, Confusion, Peal of Thunder


+ Minor text updates to some cards
+ Minor text updates to Tutorials

:wuo:Inspired or assisted by community feedback!

Note: You should see 0.5.26 in-game once you have the update.