Development Roadmap

We’re happy to reveal to you all our working timeline – this shows some of the major features and content drops for the near future that are already in development in one form or another.

Performance & Graphical Settings: We’ve gathered feedback from players in our community who desire more control over their graphical settings, this future update will allow more settings while also improving general performance of the game. Details to some issues we aim to fix can be found here.

Reconnection System: A reconnection system is in the works so that if you happen to disconnect from a game, you’ll be able to rejoin the same match.

Leaderboards: Who is the mightiest warband in the Mirrored City? Who deserves to ravage the city of all its glory? Leaderboards will answer those questions, and those at the top will share in the spoils of Shadespire.

Emotes: Mock, congratulate, or demand the attention of your enemies – we’re introducing a system to communicate with your opponent.

Warbands & Universal Cards: We have two paid DLC warbands in the works at the moment, as well as two upcoming Universal card releases which will be released as free updates!

Rules Update: While we don’t have specifics to share with you right now, we’re going to be introducing some of the rule changes from the current season of the tabletop game.